4 février 2020 Renaud CHARTIER

Edition 2020


A travers les interventions de keynotes speakers sur le sujet « Global / Local / G-local » et de « best practices », l’IE-Club souhaite mettre en avant – pour cette 6ème édition – des « Glocal Leaders » issus de trois environnements de l’économie digitale :

  • Technologies innovantes & Enablers
  • Applications et Services Web
  • Climat / Cleantech

La start-up


Our Mission Statement : Vitirover permanently maintains and values grassed surfaces, respecting people and the environment, with autonomous ’’Fleets-of-robots as a Service’’,
contributing to the CSR transformation of major economic players.
Vitirover’s foundation is built on values, which guide our actions and contribute to the CSR transformation of our clients.
In Europe and many other countries, many chemical weed killers like Glyphosate will be banned in the years coming. A very few number of alternative solutions are ready and Vitirover is the most mature & recognized answer to this Glyphosate ban.
VITIROVER propose a solution of herds of robots to manage the vegetation in agriculture (Vineyards ans Orchards) and industry (Railways, Highways, Airports, Electrical Transformers, Photovotaic farms, Drinking water stations)
Our environmental impact is decisive:
– Elimination of chemical weed killers which are replaced by autonomous industrial robotic mowers.
– Replacement of large tractors with herds of small 20 kg robots, no soil compaction and no consequences of soil erosion
– no fossil energy consumption, we directly consume solar energy collected by robots.
Elimination of all the induced effects of chemical weed killers on the planet (water, soil, food, …) and on men.
2 Cofounders:
Arnaud de la Fouchardière, CEO
Serial entrepreneur: high-tech, internet and marketing services
4 companies created and sold to large groups:
Tequila and Auditoire agencies sold to TBWA Omnicom
Marcopoly to Orange and Novinit to Thumbit
Farmer’s son
Xavier David-Beaulieu, CTO
25 years of experience as a software engineer
1994 : founder of Actipole
Laser innovation for French Army, DGSE, FranceTelecom
2004-2009 : expert for sensitive projects
Ifremer: specific protocol for airplanes blackboxes
VLT European telescope specific protocol
Winemaker’s son: Château Coutet, Saint-Emilion Grand cru, organic wine
The team:
– Jonathan Capron : Head of Mechanical department
– Mathieu Galle : Head of Big Data & Artificial Intelligence
– Clément Sanquer : Head of Cloud, IoT
– Maxime Michalet : Shepherds manager

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