TechnoCarbon Technologies France

TechnoCarbon Technologies France
6 février 2019 Renaud CHARTIER

Edition 2019


A travers les interventions de keynotes speakers sur le sujet « Global / Local / G-local » et de « best practices », l’IE-Club souhaite mettre en avant – pour cette 5ème édition – des « Glocal Leaders » issus de trois environnements de l’économie digitale :

  • Technologies innovantes & Enablers
  • Applications et Services Web
  • Climat / Cleantech

La start-up


The Paris-based startup TechnoCarbon Technologies France proposes high-performance, carbon-neutral materials for use in place of concrete and steel in buildings and infrastructure. Scale-up potential is enormous for three reasons: the extensive role of concrete and steel in buildings and infrastructure; the high carbon footprint of concrete and steel; and the widespread and intensifying commitment of public and private actors to reduce their carbon footprint. Our international team of European, American and African entrepreneurs and consultants has been self-funded for over a year and has been growing to include both experimented and young specialists in materials and production engineering, sales, marketing, finance, communication, etc. Our inventors and co-founders Kolja Kuse and Stephan Savarese have also made several contributions to climate change science, engineering and education. From production of high-quality products to simulation of complex systems, we have developed and proven the core technologies which constitutite a sound basis for our business model. We are raisinfg funds to create the first Zero Carbon Fablab addressing the need for Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative materials in high-tech aerospace and defense applicaations, sustaibnable buildings and hgh-performance infrastructure.

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