Smart & Blue

Smart & Blue
6 février 2017 PAMART Laure

Edition 2017


A travers les interventions de keynotes speakers sur le sujet « Global / Local / G-local » et de « best practices », l’IE-Club souhaite mettre en avant – pour cette 3ème édition – des « Glocal Leaders » issus de trois environnements de l’économie digitale :

  • Technologies innovantes & Enablers
  • Métiers et services de l’Internet
  • Cleantech

La start-up


Catégorie :

The company’s first product based on its patented technology is Hydrao, the world’s first smart showerhead. Hydrao enables significant water AND energy savings, effortlessly.

Through a colored-LED sequence (from green to red, much as a traffic light), the user is informed of his water usage in real-time, thereby enabling him to know when to stop the water and optimize his savings. The device generates its own power (the natural flow of water drives a mini-turbine, so no battery is required), to light the LED’s and power the Bluetooth chip to cimmunicate the user’s data to his smartphone. The free app calculates the savings in €/$ and cents in real-time.

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