6 février 2017 PAMART Laure

Edition 2017


A travers les interventions de keynotes speakers sur le sujet « Global / Local / G-local » et de « best practices », l’IE-Club souhaite mettre en avant – pour cette 2nde édition – des « Glocal Leaders » issus de trois environnements de l’économie digitale :

  • Technologies innovantes & Enablers
  • Métiers et services de l’Internet
  • Cleantech

La start-up


Catégorie :

OWI was born after 20 years of R&D in the field of artificial intelligence and semantic analysis. Officially founded in 2007, OWI offers a powerful and reliable semantic heart to provide a human like understanding of customer’s interaction.
Gartner has recently forcasted that by 2018, at least 50% of new versions of enterprise software products will include some conversational capabilities. OWI is already on the frontline of the revolution, continuously improving the capacities of its already cutting edge technologies.

We have created a neuro-mimetic approach that simulates how the brain of a human being figures a message. Our engine calculates the relationships between each word to reveal the overall context of a message, which leads to accurate and complete understanding of the meaning.
Companies receive a tremendous and always increasing number of requests from their customers, through e-mails, phone calls, and chats.

OWI’s artificial intelligence is able to collect, categorize, prioritize and understand customer messages, as well as any human would do, whichever the language. OWI can also answer and perform simple actions without any human interaction, with a commitment of more than 95% accuracy.

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