Nominé 2018 – Short Édition

Short Edition is a community publisher of short literature

Short Edition is a community publisher of short literature. Our online platform ( gathers more than 250,000 regular readers and 8,000 approved authors. We invented the Short Story Dispenser (SSD), a real innovation in the field of customer relations and IoT! At the push of a button – numbered 1, 3 or 5 – corresponding to the number of minutes people wish to read – a user will receive a printed story written by an online author. After its launch in 2015, the SSD quickly gained popularity around the world and generated a massive media storm (The New Yorker, CBS News, CNN, The Times, NY Times, World Economic Forum, Oprah Mag etc) For the company who invests the SSD, which is a connected kiosk, they are able to not only offer an emotionally-charged gift to their clients but can track usage, monitor wait times and can see how many customers they are reaching per story printed and shared The SSD is a customer relationship tool that enables companies to transform a weak moment of their relationship with the client (waiting periods) into a strong benefit. Our dispenser is elegant, eye-catching and serves a noble cause: the democratization of reading and writing! This dispenser provides access to more than 100,000 short stories written by the online community. It is a way for a company to innovate, welcome their clients in an original way and communicate better with them using a custom space at the bottom of the story. It allows the customer to avoid stressful waiting moments, and it puts him in a better frame of mind when he needs advice from a vendor, when he has to go through administrative procedures, or when he is waiting for a train… Our SSD is the very first in the world : more than 25M shares on social medias and + than 2000 press articles, reports and interviews from media worldwide) More than 300 dispensers are installed in France, USA, Australia and Hong Kong, in places such as train stations, airports, malls, city halls, universities, hospitals, restaurants… More recently, the dispenser proved that it can also be a wonderful tool to support education. We are working with top US Universities, like Penn State, to develop writing platforms to showcase, and share their students work. In Sept 2018 we launched a national writing contest with the American Library Association in the US to curate the best American literature to be shared worldwide.

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