Nominé 2018 – MEERSENS SAS

The guardian of your health!

“Meersens is a unique solution (IoT + Apps) in the world that allows consumers to test their immediate environment that may have an impact on their health: Air and water quality, UVs, harmful waves, pesticides…
Meersens identifies and certifies potential solutions to avoid identified risks.
Meersens is nomad, thanks to its size and long autonomy, modular thanks to its environmental sensors and eco-friendly.
Meersens’ App is like the “”waze”” of health and the experience is getting augmented thanks to it’s wearable IoT. The standardized consumables’ / capsules’ (mSens) scheme allows Meersens to enrich on the fly its panel of sensors to test pesticides, water quality…without changing usage and product. Our capsules (mSens) are recyclable. The result of tests is interpreted according to consumers’ profile and usage –Thus, we created a personalized “Meersens Risk Index”.
An expert corner is available with verified recommendations to limit/reduce risks. The community is also proposing solutions/recommendations that get certified by Meersens.
Our Data mining and machine learning help to identify potential risks on a proactive manner and adapt solutions and recommendations depending on consumers’ usages.
Our technologies are mostly around non-destructive/invasive sensors and rapid test/diagnostic approach with immunochromatographic assays (Lateral Flow test). Data is processed from tests to proposed certified solutions, by combining machine learning to allow customer experience to move from a reactive situation to a preventive/predictive/ pro-active approach: an Augmented Customer Experience.
Our team is experts in Machine learning, Biotech, Electronic, Sales, Industrial and Social Media. We are 9 talents.
Meersens act as a sentinel, it’s the guardian of your health!”

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