Nominé 2018 – isahit

The Internet Impact Sourcing Platform for Digital Tasks

Isahit is a French-based company providing digital work and digital tasks to economically disadvantaged people from developing countries through an internet self-service platform. x10 the poverty threshold is the main objective of isahit. Our first target is to reach out French and English speaking African countries as well as Asia. We started in June 2016 and we launched our live platform in December 2016. Today some months later already 550 workers / hiters are working on isahit’s platform via 12 countries (Burkina, Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Togo, Congo, …) with a very strong social impact. Our target is to give work to more than 10.000 workers during the next coming years with an impact for more than 40.000 people. Isahit is positioned as a complementary revenue to allow socially disadvantaged people to achieve their own project. We want to prove that giving work to poor people allow them to get dignity back. Isahit is a full digital solution to help women to be financially independent and to connect them to the digital world of tomorrow. Our dedicated program “Isahit Help” is to help our workers to work on our digital platform by giving them access to internet via a local incubator, to help them for having a bank account and to have a legal status as independent worker, and to attribute them a digital tablet and digital training. We grow up very quickly via our community model for recruiting new workers / hiters. For our clients, we provide a very competitive pricing (less than 5€ / hour) and a huge added value with agility, quality and CSR business model due to the power of our crowdsourcing platform including artificial intelligence components from the beginning. Our business model is very transparent for our clients: on the revenue stream, 65% goes to Workers / Hiters, 30% to isahit for R&D and Business Development and 5% for our program “Isahit Help”. #givedigitalwork, #getdigitalwork are our main keywords to define our mission. Our core values are based on collaboration, sharing and redistribution.

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