Nominé 2018 – Bird Office Market

Expert in the organisation of professional events in atypical venues

We offer a service to help companies to organize faster and in a better way their professional events. Every company which need to organize a meeting, a seminar, a training, a conference and every other event can rent a room on Bird Office’s website. To complete our offer, a catering service (breakfast, lunch, cocktail…) is available for every room rented, with other services if needed. Room availability and prices are apparent online instantly, and all the administrative part is automated (contract, insurance, invoice…). All the elements regarding the access to the room are automatically sent by text and e-mail to every participant before the event, and our team is available anytime to help you and make sure that your event is going well. We work with professional partners such as hotels and business centers which provide unused rooms and places. Today, we have more than 6500 bookable meeting rooms online. Bird Office is present in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxemburg, and offers more than 6500 venues and atypical places around Europe.

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