Nominé 2017 – Persistant Studios / PopcornFX

Persistant Studios is the developer of PopcornFX, the market-leading solution for realtime VFX.
Established in France and Canada, the company has grown to become a major player in the field of video games, and now extends to the areas of VFX, liveshow and DataViz.
Allegorithmic has an expertise in real-time simulation and rendering, and has been providing software and middleware services to the game and DCC tool industry for years, securing long-term partnerships with companies such as Unity, Epic, Amazon and Silicon Studio.
As an innovative company developing also cutting edge VR/AR/MR realtime applications for :
– Entertainment (Game – Film – Tv – Live-Show – Interactive Installations)
– Digital Industry 4.0. (Process – Training – DataViz)

popcornfxRealtime Visual Effects Middleware : PopcornFX Support & Outsourcing VFX services

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