Neva Aerospace

Neva Aerospace
10 février 2016 Renaud CHARTIER

Edition 2016


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La start-up


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“Neva Aerospace Ltd will offer heavy-duty drone solutions. They will carry payloads of up to 2,000 kg and be able to perform precision tasks and services on site. They will displace carbon intensive wheeled and rotary-winged vehicles, and provide versatile aerial robotic platforms for industrial use.

Our designs are positioned to displace more-expensive and less-safe alternatives such as multicopters (which have limited B2B applications), helicopters, and small planes.
Neva’s patented designs combine vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and horizontal (linear) flight, with tilt-free transition between the two. They will have the stability and the precision to work safely in congested and urban environments as well as on industrial sites and in remote locations.

Neva Aerospace has enlisted several SMEs and more than 20 individuals to harness the synergies between experienced business executives and seasoned technologists.

Our chairman and co-founder has been a principal for a billion dollar consultancy, launching its European energy & climate division to serve Fortune 500 companies. Our team includes: a serial entrepreneur who has successfully IPO-ed several American and British companies; the Chief Investment Officer of a London Green-Tech fund; and a chief executive of a telecom backbone company who is also director of an EU national space association.

The R&D is led by the other co-founder, who has 30 years’ experience in the fields of nuclear physics, optics, and lasers, whose hobbies include building experimental aircraft.
He is supported by a Technical Director from a global engineering automotive firm; a developer of smartphone solutions for Samsung and Nokia and other drone projects; the head of the aeronautics & drones division of a European institute that designs military drones; and a technology architect experienced in military and commercial concepts.

Neva is being built as a secure and stable consortium company, through partnership with key B2B clients (e.g. oil&gas, construction companies, construction equipment manufacturers, agribusiness, transport companies), financial investors and technology suppliers (e.g. turbines, controls, avionics, anti-collision systems, composite, controllers, batteries, IT systems, defense contractors, automotive electronic).”

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