[ Lisbon ] Meet with Luis Manuel, Executive Director at EDP INNOVATION

Join us on March 21th for a convivial event around
Luís Manuel, Executive Director at EDP INNOVATION.

Over the last 12 years EDP has pursued and Open Innovation strategy making it one of the leading innovators in its field. Strong bets in renewable power, one of the best smart grids projects in the World and the development of innovative products and services made EDP a reference in innovation and sustainability, while contributing decisively to re-shape the group’s sources of income. As the speed of the ongoing technology revolution increases, a growing attention to emerging challenges and opportunities is required from everyone and EDP is no exception. AI, AR, IOT, cloud, big data, analytics, blockchain and so many others, are now common terms in the day-to-day activity of many inside the company. And the number is growing. Come and see what EDP is doing to keep up with the pace of change and why they believe this is a good thing.

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jardim 9 de Abril, 1200-736 Lisboa



19h00 – IE Club presentation

19h10 – Speech by Luís Manuel, Executive Board Member at EDP Inovação

19h20 – Meetings, networking around an appetizer


Lisbon chapter contact : martinskarinek@gmail.com

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