18 janvier 2018 Renaud CHARTIER

Edition 2018


A travers les interventions de keynotes speakers sur le sujet « Global / Local / G-local » et de « best practices », l’IE-Club souhaite mettre en avant – pour cette 2nde édition – des « Glocal Leaders » issus de trois environnements de l’économie digitale :

  • Technologies innovantes & Enablers
  • Métiers et services de l’Internet
  • Cleantech

La start-up


Catégorie :

GEO4CAST is a B2B software company focus on Mobility & AI. All the team is committed to make mobility simple; cities and transports less congested, on line and off line shopping more customized, and all other mobility stuff. GEO4CAST is an amazing team mixing all technologies for managing high calculus, developing AI algorithms (some patented) and making outstanding UX . The team is multicultural with a dedicated team for China.

GEO4CAST develop 3 main products :

  • geolocation tracker and API for collecting raw data
  • advanced algorithms for cleaning, transforming and creating insights
  • web platform or APIs for using value added data

These products help our customer develop their market share, boost their revenues, reduce congestion, boost traffic in stores,… Our innovations are mainly on creating our own geolocation data (like Google location history) and “high end” algorithms (multimodal traffic prediction, recommendation, systemic approach for optimizing cities, transports… based on machine learning, deep learning, operational research…)

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