Funky Bots + Alcatel

Funky Bots + Alcatel
5 novembre 2015 Renaud CHARTIER

Edition 2015


Orange Fab France et IE-Club ont organisé la première Funding Night  de start up sponsorisées par de grands groupes, le jeudi 5 novembre 2015 à Paris. L’objectif est de faire se rencontrer des start-up qui ont été élues par de grands groupes au travers de processus d’incubation, d’accélération ou de partenariats, et des VC ou investisseurs

La start-up


Funky Bots – Making Fitness Fun!

Funky Bots is the next generation of body motion gaming, using the latest technology to promote fitness fun through dance and martial arts.

Our products  are created by professional performing artists and athletes who want to turn passive entertainment into active engagement, fun and fitness. Our products are designed to give users a high ROI on their time. Thus they can play our games for example 20-30 minutes a day, three times a week and still get substantial benefits. We approach fitness training and body motion gaming like learning a new language.  Focused, regular training leads to results.

Our products encourage kids of all ages to learn new ways of expressing their creativity through movement and rhythm, establishing healthy patterns for a lifetime of fitness. We represent the next generation of body motion gaming, where players don’t just run, skip and jump. They learn to do the Toprock, the Brooklyn Uprock, the shuffle, 2 step, the Fresno and then to switch it up and freak the beat.

Funky Bots makes apps inspired by street dancers, martial artists and cirque acrobats.


The Problem

One of the biggest obstacle to fitness is that people don’t enjoy exercise. They think it’s boring or painful or too time consuming. Most people would rather eat pizza. Most would prefer to spend their leisure time watching tv, playing video games or reading Facebook posts.

The proof is in the lack of physical activity in people’s lives.  Here are some startling statistics:

• Only one in three children are physically active every day.

• Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day; only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week.

• Only 3.5% of Americans and Europeans ages 20 to 59 get the recommended amount of exercise

• 52% of baby boomers report no physical activity.

• The average 8-10 year old now spends more than eight hours a day in front of a screen (e.g., TV, videogames, computer). Teenagers are averaging more than 11 hours a day.

Our solution

Funky Bots is the next generation of body motion gaming. We make fitness fun and accessible to the masses. We offer intrinsic motivation for becoming active – love for an art form, a love of movement creative expression, individuality, self confidence & swag.

To date we have already created the first motion sensor apps for street dance and tai chi. We are also creating a suite of 7 minute apps for training martial arts and meditation through qi gong. 

Le grand groupe


We would like to build freemium versions of our motion sensing game apps (Funky Dance and Taichi Temple) and develop on Android versions.  These are the apps we have created that integrate Extreme Reality real time motion tracking, we must have Android versions in order to broker deals with OEMs. Currently we are already working with ALCATEL on bundling these motion sensor game apps on their new 17″ Xess Pad which will be released at the end of 2015.

We would like to improve and increase the speed for prototyping with the help of additional programmers and animators. We want to create MVP and test beta before release.

We would like to test of Perception Neuron technologies (available July 2015) for industry standard full-body motion capture. We want to create a comprehensive motion capture library over the period of 2 months to cover street dance styles of popping, locking, breakdance and house dance and also various styles of martial arts. This library will serve as base resource for development of new apps and updates to current ones.

We aim to develop and prototype the next 3-4 apps for Funky Bots, expanding mo cap library and furthering brand equity (innovative design, creative play, unique content, high ROI on time).

Funky Bots was selected for the Alcatel OneTouch Accelerator program as well as the Wellness Accelerator in Venice, Italy sponsored by Technogym and H-Farm. Working closely with our mentors and other industry experts, we hope to create a solid business and marketing strategy, including research and tracking consumer usage patterns, expanding visibility on social networks, internationalization, ASO, and expansion into larger market.

Technogym has already requested that Funky Bots create new products especially made for their company and fitness centers beginning in 2016.  We feel we now have strong strategic partners (both with Alcatel and Technogym) and are seeking funding to help support our growth.

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