With Smartec: boost your sales in Languedoc-Roussillon

TPE-SMEs for industrial use and service, engaged in an innovation approach and want to rapidly commercialize a new product or service … Boost your sales! Smartec launched a call for applications for its 2016 session.

Why “Smartec”?

Before marketing an innovative product or service, the company needs strategic thinking to measure risks, issues and set specific goals.
TPE-SMEs are often not equipped to conduct such activities.
“Smartec” aims to provide companies with the keys to successfully marketing their innovations: strategic marketing, commercial activities and business intelligence.

 The benefits to my business:

  • Increase my market share, generate revenue
  • Register my growth targets and formalize my strategy
  • Implement methods to successfully market my innovation
  • Identify prospects, meet with them and convince them
  • Get ahead of the competitors and protect my information
  • A new dynamic in the company

All information in the call to download application here
or on the website: http://www.smartec-innovation.fr/

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