The IE-Club Canada invited to participate at the Financial Executives International Canada event to discuss the funding of innovation in Canada

Financial Executives International Canada (FEI Canada) is conducting a roundtable discussion on the topic of the funding of innovation in Canada. As part of the event, the IE-Club Canada has been invited to participate and will be represented by Mr, Xavier Kato, Investment Director at Investissement Québecand member of the executive committee of the IE-Club.

According to experts from every field, innovation is the single most critical component of success in today’s world. So, what are Canadian organizations, both private and public, doing about it? To find out, the Canadian Financial Executives Research Foundation (CFERF), the research arm of Financial Executives International Canada (FEI Canada), is inviting you to participate in a roundtable on the topic. The research project is sponsored by Alma CG.

The findings should assist FEI Canada members in improving their understanding of what exactly is innovation in today’s business environment, establish best practices in moving innovation forward and, most importantly, how to fund these initiatives. Link by video-conference from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, participants will discuss:

  • the meaning of innovation for Canadian companies
  • how important it is for them on a day-to-day basis
  • if it’s more related to product creation or to process and
  • how innovation efforts are funded.

The findings of the study should assist FEI Canada members in improving their understanding of innovation and establishing best practices such asmaximizing their innovation funding potential through government programs.

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