Observatory of Relations Between Large Companies and Innovative Small Companies

Observatory of Relations Between Large Companies and Innovative Small Companies



Innovative Small Companies cannot develop properly without large companies. Large companies lose their competitive edge without innovative small companies. Reinforcing their relationships is therefore mutually beneficial.

To contribute to reinforcing relationships between innovative small companies and large companies, IE-Club has adopted a concrete and resolutely pragmatic approach founded on a simple idea: to move forward, show what works.

The mission of the Observatory is to findevaluate and spotlight:

  • The partnerships between large companies and innovative small companies that create the most value.
  • The private or public drivers who contribute the most to getting innovative small companies and large companies together.
  • The things to watch out for that require special attention to enforce efficient support to relations between innovative small companies and large companies.

With this decidedly pragmatic and practical approach, the Observatory aims to:

  • Spread best practices throughout the ecosystem
  • Serve as a sounding board to the action of public and private actors who effectively contribute to the approximation of innovative SMEs and Large Enterprises.

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Call for candidatures

Innovative SMEs / Large Companies:
give visibility to your success

Immediate and wide visibility

  • Trophies will be awarded in the Business Innovation Space of the MEDEF Summer University, before a gathering of business leaders and policy makers.
  • Your pair will be presented on IE-Club and partners websites, also on our social networks.
  • Our event is accompanied by a communication action with the economic and digital press.
  • You can record a video presentation of your joint achievements.
  • You can use the logo of the Trophy IE-Club / Alma CG in your own corporate communication.


  • You represent an innovative small company and you work with one or more large companies: tell us about your experiences!
  • You represent a large company: contribute by presenting your successful projects with innovative small companies!
  • You are an investor and you are familiar with outstanding examples. Tell us about your successes!

Candidatures are open until 10th June, 2016.

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Each year the Observatory research, evaluates and highlights a couple of successful partnerships between innovative SMEs and Large Enterprises partnerships: these are the pairs.

The pairs nominated for 2015:

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This annual study makes it possible to measure the evolution of relations between large companies and small innovative companies year by year. The study is composed of two questionnaires for:

  • SMEs
  • Large Companies

Answer the survey in 2016
(SMEs version in French):

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Prestigious jury of economic leaders


The best records are selected by a prestigious jury of leaders of the innovation ecosystem (BPI France, Caisse des Dépôts, MEDEF, MoovJee, XAnge, Cap Digital, Ayming, Systematic, Groupe La Poste, Minatec …. ) in a process in two rounds: on folder and then audition, investing the time necessary for a proper evaluation of pairs and highlighting their exemplary.

The 2015 award ceremony was featured by :
– Jean-Baptiste Hueber, Directeur Général Adjoint Ayming (ex Alma Consulting Group)
–  Carlos Cunha, Délégué adjoint en charge du développement Cap Digital
–  Bernard Haurie, Président de l’IE-Club, Directeur Général Adjoint GeoPost
–  Dominique Valadier, Directeur du département Innovation et Développement CDC


An awards ceremony is held annually to present the Nominees pairs and distinguish the winners. Since 2010, it takes place in the framework of the MEDEF Summer University. Appointment Wednesday, August 27, 2015, on the HEC campus to Jouy-en-Josas, for the next meeting!


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