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IE-Club is a nest for innovation and a campus clubhouse.  We highlight successful experiments and make it possible for large companies to stay up to date on new technologies which are transforming their business.  Small innovative companies can develop their network and can benefit from the experience and advice of successful entrepreneurs.  They can meet large companies that are ready to develop new concepts.  They can meet investors ready to finance their ideas.

The way we work gives us the opportunity to set up events sponsored by your company in a non-competitive environment.  You can share your ideas through the various activities of IE-Club.”  
Bernard HAURIE, Deputy General Director GeoPost & President of the IE-Club

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IE-Club is resolutely pragmatic and attentively observes the relations between innovative small companies and major actors in their ecosystem, selects the highest value-creating activities and publicizes these best practices through targeted communication campaigns that strive to unite all parties concerned.

Its activities centre on four principles:


To improve the efficiency of the innovative ecosystem:  we need dynamic and strong innovative small businesses.


To make open innovation development easier for large companies, the visibility of innovative small companies has to be encouraged.


To reinforce innovative small businesses:  reinforce their relations with other actors in the ecosystem.


To move things forward:
show what works.

… to international

As well as its coverage in France, IE-Club has been developing internationally.  Sister clubs have sprung up in Boston, Montréal and Tel Aviv to encourage transnational exchanges, business development and synergies.

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