Application for Global Innovation & Enterprise 2016

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  • Show the world the recognition of being selected as on the way to become a Global Company ; a company that demonstrates through : brands, product innovation, products, human resources, marketing, sales strategies, internal decision making, partnerships, choice of counsels, M&A strategies and social awareness a path to becoming “Global Leader”
  • Network with the ecosystems present during the event:

–      Large Groups and innovative companies
–      Growth Partners (Investors, counsels, advisors…)
–      Academics, soft property creators
–      Public and state Players, Investors and Facilitators
–      Your Peer from France and other chapters

  • Participate within our Press Relations effort with our PR partner
  • Become – at no charge- a member of the IE-Club, the leading network for “Innovation and Enterprise” with more that 25 initiatives and events per year and benefit from such membership for 6 months (
  • The application fee when selected as a candidate is 50€ and allows for all the benefits described and the ability for 3 invitations (speaker+2)

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