24/11/2016 – When sport meets entrepreneurship

The pathway to excellence in entrepreneurship and sports in addition to participating in the development of Canadian champions of tomorrow!
We invite you to this event directed by the IE-Club Montreal!

We are pleased to invite you to a special cocktail that combines the performance of youth in sports and Québec entrepreneurship with the goal of reaching the highest step of the podium.

Summit Sports Academy and APEXX teams have been coaching talented young athletes for many years. The company’s primary mission is to propel young athletes to the highest level both in their athletic life in their civic life.

IE-Club is a federating organization in several cities (Paris-Tel Aviv-Boston-Montreal) with entrepreneurs and experts who innovate to publicize and support remarkable entrepreneurial and sporting initiatives.

We are pleased to present some top athletes including, in particular, the youngest Canadian Snowboard freestyle champion in history (2016). Elizabeth Hosking has just turned 15 and is a new member of the Canadian team. All her efforts are turned towards one primary objective: the 2018 Olympic Games and an Olympic medal in 2022. She’s part of the APEXX team for 6 years now and wishes to pursue her Olympic dream surrounded by his team.

A round table will enable sport specific experts and investors with entrepreneurial initiatives to decide on the financial support needed for success at the highest level.

Having never arrive alone at the top! Your active participation in this process will be very appreciated .Your contribution and support could make a big difference for the youth of tomorrow.

See further, think big … together.

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