15 nominés pour les Trophées International du Numérique

15 nominés pour les Trophées International du Numérique

AGICAP is a Lyon-based scale-up that has developed an SaaS cash flow management tool aimed specifically at SMEs. A rapidly expanding company, it today has more than 3,500 customers across France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. Agicap helps SMEs save time and manage their business more efficiently, ultimately enabling them to monitor developments in real time and make reliable forecasts. By centralising their bank accounts, management tools and forecasts, we allow them to focus on the fundamentals: analysis and decision-making.

EvidenceB develops and deploys adaptive learning resources for K-12 markets focused on fundamental knowledge and intended for students in primary and secondary education and their teachers.

In the service of personalised learning, our Adaptive Learning resources is based on a unique alliance of 3 key areas: recent cognitive research about how childrens’ brains learn fundamental knowledge, reinforced byArtificial Intelligence and proposed through rich UX/UI promoting student engagement and supporting teachers’ pedagogical decision through powerful data analytics and dashboards.

Our business model is B2B2C, through partnerships with Educational Publishers and Ministries, in a strong internationally scalable approach to market.

EvidenceB was born from two observations about the challenges facing Education systems: 

-The direct link between academic success and the future integration of students into society

 Recent discoveries in cognitive science and artificial intelligence that have opened up new potential to facilitate knowledge and skill acquisition for each student.

These opportunities have led us to design a personalized learning solution allowing each student to reinforce the desire to learn at an individual pace. It is really about helping teachers to help students, facilitating decision-making by providing new tools to better support their students, regardless of their level.

HORIZON SOFTWARE provides technology that empowers Capital Markets with an open cross-asset trading platform, including advanced functionalities for market making, flow trading, systematic trading and algo trading.

IPM FRANCE expert en bornes digitales, IPM France réalise des projets clés en main d’envergure. Conçues en France, les solutions bornes d’IPM France sont éprouvées et s’adaptent aux spécificités métier de différents marchés. IPM France propose une offre complète dédiée à la réussite des projets bornes de nos clients : conseil et accompagnement, conception, fabrication, intégration logicielle, déploiement, supervision, maintien en conditions opérationnelles et data parcours client.

MEDEXPRIM SUITETM, the company’s main product, streamlines the process of hospital data preparation for secondary use in research to ensure enough quality curated anonymized data is made available in big data and AI projects. This encompasses: identifying eligible patients, extracting data from imaging PACS and other data sources, de-identifying data, data curation.

MYDITEK a pour ambition de fournir des solutions AgriTech pour les régions tropicales et complexes. Elle propose une offre complète d’outils répondant aux besoins des agriculteurs pour les accompagner et simplifier leur quotidien : alertes, aide à la décision, prédiction de maladies, évaluation des rendements, référencement, cartographie…. Ces solutions répondent aux besoins des agriculteurs pour les accompagner et simplifier leur quotidien.

NEOBRAIN develops intuitive digital solutions to help people manage their careers in a changing world. Career management, recruitment, we integrate the Artificial Intelligence in support of the Man to focus on its core business. Our technology facilitates the detection of talent and the mobilization of their potential.

NOMAD EDUCATION We are one free app entirely written by teachers that helps 1 million students every year succeed in their studies, from 10 to 25 yo (middle school, high school, college)… Our inclusive app gathers 350 degrees in order to help a maximum of pupils, no whatever their social or academic backing.

OTONOHM We have found a way to optimize battery power solutions. Concretely we eliminate the losses until a performance close to 97%. We remove conversion devices such as chargers, inverters and converters. Our battery becomes dynamic, it no longer has a fixed voltage but it can deliver from 5 to 400V AC or DC directly. It charges faster on any sources.

PASQAL, une start-up fondée en 2019, conçoit un ordinateur quantique à l’institut d’optique de Palaiseau. Son ordinateur repose sur l’approche des atomes neutres, où les qubits sont des atomes uniques, piégés et manipulés par des lasers pour effectuer des calcul. Pasqal souhaite atteindre près de 200 qubits en 2021 et plus de 1 000 qubits pour 2023.

RED ALERT LAB est une entreprise française spécialisée dans la cybersécurité des objets connectés et la certification, avec comme objectif d’instaurer de la confiance dans l’IoT en proposant une plateforme logicielle d’automatisation guidant l’utilisateur à identifier les risques, à mettre en place des éxigences de sécurité et à prouver le niveau de conformité et de robustesse des objets connectés à travers des processus de certifications simplifiés.

ROSALY est une fintech à impact social, qui a pour défi d’aider les organisations à révolutionner le bien-être financier de leurs salariés.Elle accompagne de façon progressive les salariés dans la gestion court et long terme de leurs finances en s’appuyant sur trois leviers :

1/ La paie à la demande pour faire face aux imprévus

2/ Gestion saine de son budget pour mettre fin aux situations délicates

3/ Augmentation de ses ressources financières pour construire des projets d’avenir

SIMPLON CO is a social business that offers free vocational courses for technical jobs in the digital sector – and, more specifically, web developer jobs – aimed at populations who are distanced from the labor market and under-represented in the digital industry (NEETs, unemployed workers, people with little or no qualification, senior workers, women, etc.).

WISPER created CEBOX, which simplifies IT departments life and improve the productivity of the employees and the security of the workstation. The working environment of employees will remain safe and efficient. Their desktops will always be up to date thanks to the centralised management.

ZAION propose une solution complète de traitement de la relation client vocale fondée sur de l’Intelligence Artificielle et supervisée en temps réel. Notre mission : Remettre la voix au cœur de l’Expérience Client et valoriser le Capital Humain.

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